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The Natural Touch Landscaping took flight in 2006 serving the Eau Claire community and greater Chippewa Valley. Our team quickly proved our ability and knowledge to not just provide the necessities of landscaping, such as retaining walls, proper drainage, and lawn installations, but the artistic talent to create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that bring family & friends together.

We’ve earned a solid reputation by providing high quality, customized services at a competitive cost. We spend extra time helping clients visualize their landscaping and preparing an estimate that optimizes their available budget.

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We have the ability to create unique landscape designs for each client.

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Early days in business consisted of us riding through neighborhoods of newly constructed homes with Julie knocking on the door with a big smile and a friendly “Hello! It looks like you could use some landscaping!”

At that time it was just Lloyd, Julie, one truck, and one trailer. There were many long nights working by the headlights of that truck and eating dinners from Kwik Trip.

We quickly gained notice throughout the Chippewa Valley as a professional, creative, hardworking husband and wife team with great design ideas and incredible work ethic.

Over a decade later, we are incredibly proud of our team of skilled landscapers who have brought The Natural Touch to be one of the leading landscaping companies in the area.

We truly enjoy designing spaces that bring family and friends together.


Lloyd & Julie

In 2013 we took our first mission trip drilling a water well in Honduras. We visited the most poverty-stricken area we had ever witnessed. It was a working village, with both mom and dad spending long days in the plantations to provide for their few children. At age 11 schooling ended, and the children joined the work in the field. Their homes were about 10’x10’ with bamboo posts for corners and the walls were simply black plastic. A thatch or rusty roof covered them. The children were walking over five miles to gather water from a contaminated river. Not a toy in the entire village. Not a bicycle or a ball, but everyone was happy. They had an extreme love for their family. Evening time came and they didn’t quickly run indoors to a television or smartphone, of course. They instead built a fire. The family gathered, the neighbors walked over, and they talked about their days, laughed, sang, shared stories. They were content.

We came home to our “mansion” in Elk Mound and wondered, “How are we possibly going to sell patios and fireplaces?! There is huge lifesaving need out there that far outweighs any of these “wants”.”

After prayer and talks, we realized we were given our landscaping talents to bring families and friends together. It was about more than the patio. It was building spaces to slow the pace of our busy lives and help reconnect people again. And we could use the business to share about our passion for helping those in need. Perhaps by doing so, we could encourage people to join us in the mission.

A few years and many mission trips later we along with three friends established a nonprofit called Honduras Well Projects. Through the generosity of others, we purchased well drilling equipment and now help fund our partner, Agua Viva Internacional, in drilling over 30 water wells each year. We also coordinate teams from the US to assist in the drilling, teach the kids about sanitation and hygiene – and most importantly about the love of Jesus. We invite you to follow the story on the Honduras Well Projects facebook page.

We have been trusted with this business and continually look for ways to bless others through it. If our cup is full, shouldn’t we pour it out on others?

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