Nothing brings people together quite like a fire! Whether you entertain large or intimate groups, we can create the perfect fire feature for you. Cobblestone, flagstone or the simplicity of crushed granite and boulders are popular choices for fire pit areas. A popular add-on feature to a fire pit area is a seating bench. You can always use more seating when the party grows and it provides a casual ‘table top’ for drinks or plates!

Fireplaces are definitely trending as people realize the stature it adds to the outdoor space. Standing in your home and seeing the fireplace is guaranteed to draw you outdoors! If you have one, you will be outside enjoying the fire earlier in the spring and later in the fall! It is a beautiful structure to add interest to your winter landscape. Fireplaces can be custom built using stucco, veneer, block or natural stone.

Water features add sound, texture, and movement to your landscaping. They can be as calm as a bubbling boulder or as grand as a waterfall pond. Pondless water features are increasingly popular to avoid standing water which can collect debris and may cause a hazard for small pets or children. Maintenance on these is easy as well. When cold weather arrives, you simply pull the pump for the winter months.

The choices are endless when it comes to displays of water and we would love to help create a welcoming feature that complements your personality and style! We have designed and installed hundreds of these beautiful water features over the last decade and would love to share our ideas with you.

Fire and water are natural remedies to calm your soul, while providing a warm and welcoming environment for guests.

The soothing sound of bubbling water can come from just a small gathering of rocks or a waterfall gently cascading down your backyard slope.

These features create beautiful gathering spaces which enable you to spend more time outdoors. The fire will lure you outside earlier in the spring and later in the fall. We have many clients who use theirs even in the middle of our Wisconsin winters!

A fireplace will be a focal point outdoors, and as it is viewed from inside the home. It creates a “room” feel and as many as eight people can enjoy the heat and glow. No need to constantly move chairs to escape the smoke or go home smelling like campfire, because the smoke all goes up the chimney.
We provide all types of options to fit your style and budget. Cobblestone patios with inset fire pits, natural flagstone, crushed granite and boulders, or manufactured stone. We have wood burning or gas options available.