While much of landscaping is often a “want,” retaining walls are a “need” when areas of support are needed to prevent a hillside from eroding, to provide more usable land on slopes by creating terraced areas. and to help manage water runoff and slow the flow of rainwater. Shorter walls may provide a benefit of extra seating as well.

Over the years of Eau Claire landscaping, we have installed thousands of square feet of retaining walls of all sizes, constructed of boulders or block. We have experience working with engineers, as well as zoning when needed. We strongly feel this valuable aspect should be constructed by a professional landscaping company. As experts in this area, you will feel comfortable trusting your investment with us.

A garden wall is for aesthetic purposes only, while a retaining wall is built to support the soil mass and help retain a slope from erosion. Retaining walls should be built with specific materials to industry standards.
Our team has installed thousands of square feet of retaining walls through the years, ranging in size from residential, to those you see along the highway or at commercial properties.

And while sheer volume doesn’t make an expert, knowing these walls have withstood decades certainly proves the integrity with which they were built.

We make sure our walls are not aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly every wall is built to industry standards.