Walkways are part of the first impression guests receive when visiting your home. They are your family’s “welcome home” after a long day. Walkways lead the eye to a destination. The material choices are endless, and we love helping you choose a style that complements your home and personality.

Front entry steps are also part of the first impression of your home. They not only provide an entry and exit for your home, they allow you to use multiple levels of a sloped yard. This maximizes your property by creating access to more spaces to enjoy physically and visually.

There are many types of materials, ranging in different looks and price points. First consider the use of the walkway to help determine a material type. Will you be keeping it clear of snow in the winter? If so, pavers will be your best choice. Are you looking for a casual walk that simply leads your the eye to a destination in the yard? Perhaps flagstone stepping stones is your answer. From casual to traditional, we can help you make the right choice.

Walks leading to your main entrance are best at no less than four feet wide. This allows an adult and child to walk side by side or wheelchair access. Consider five feet wide if you’d like two adults to walk together up the walk.
Let us show you the many types we can build to fit your door size and foot traffic needs. We offer traditional rectangular, or half-moon with large landing on the top, to natural and manufactured stones.